in pursuit of the great American song. 

I wrote my first song when I was about 12 years old. It was terrible. I'm pretty sure I accidentally lifted the title from a late-night infomercial product name. 

I kept at it, though. After a long time I had enough songs to play an actual public gig. Then make a record. Then another one. For a while I thought "songwriter" might even actually become my profession. People actually wrote about my music in real, printed publications you could pick up and read. 

The highlight for me was when No Depression printed a good review of my record. In its second-to-last print issue, I believe. That made me feel really proud. I was 25 years old.

Life took me down a different road than I anticipated in those days. Several roads, actually. Now I'm a husband and a dad and I have a real job, mortgage, all that. I was pretty quiet for a while, but I was always writing, always playing. And I'm still at it today.

I've been playing in a bluegrass and Americana band in Rochester, NY for a while. The Crooked North. That's the best way to see my play live these days. It's a fun band with great players, lots of three-part harmonies and a stack of original songs that I love to play. 

So after letting my personal web presence lapse for a few years, I made this site. I will try to update it.

By the way, that photo up there was taken by Stephen Reardon